The _____, the whole _____, and nothing but the _____

My perception of truth, with a bit of postmodern perspective. Feel free to add to it if you want to write about what's true.

Who claims to know the truth about Truth?

I could tell you a dozen truths you would name false

Then a million falsehoods you would name true

Honesty has nothing to do with it

(who knows, I might be lying right now)

I wonder if something could be true of all times, places, states?

The post-modernists would say that’s a lie, and maybe that’s true,

But is it absolutely so?


Is Truth logic? beauty?

Perhaps it’s a lie, or just a footnote?

Or maybe it’s a poem? (not mine, but still…)

Is it just what we say it is?

Wait, I got it. It’s the ultimate mind-f***

(The ultimate meta-mind-f***)

The kind of subject that poets dread

That which cannot be truly encompassed by words



Want to know what’s true?

In the end, no one knows

Want to know what else is true?

That scares the hell out of me                                        

The End

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