That's Borderline

How it feels to have borderline

Oh evil me,smile,

I purr into the mirror putting on makeup,

evil stains my eyes and is ingrained into my skin,

my lips part as I see my dark brown eyes staring into my soul with red lips,

clicking my tongue I watch her in the mirror,

A glint of evil in her pupils and a sweet smile,

but that is the difference,

only i can see this,

I can see both sides,

both lines in me,

the sweet side says no to not go out and the other side,the evil look,

the sneer says go out and do whatever that needs to be done,

trying to hold on to reality I slip into fantasy,

memories sing me to sleep and smack my brains against the wall,

he lied,

she lied,

he hurt meand so did she,

they both will never know what they did to me,

not trusting my new boos words,

I love you,

sweet sweet child giggles and smile widelyas the bad bad sour side sneers,

rolling her eyes,


that's what they all say but why do you love me,

taunting and waiting the sweet side knows what he says will be alright,

the mean nasty side wants a stellar reason why,

trust is not there,not always,

I wish it were that easy to just say Ya I believe you onceyour heart has been cut up so many times,

stab after stab,

my episode kicks in,

and I lay their in bed,

tears shedding down the corner of my eyes and a knifelays in my hand,

blood flows from my ankle with cutsthat held me on to who I am,

both sides are in me still in me as I lay on the bed still bleeding from my ankle,

mean side,

awful side smirks and smears the blood over my arms  and face,

soft side cries and throws the knife,

both living inside one body,

of course,that is borderline

The End

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