That Wintery Summer Night

The Christmas story with a poetic twist.

That wintery summer night,

A night, stark and dark,

Was born into the world,

A white, bright light


One King commits treason,

The murderous order of the season,

One King is born of light,

And His birth creates reason.


The King creating reason,

Tis’ the reason for the season,

The King committing treason,

Dares not see the reason.


That wintery summer night,

The Shepherd left his flock,

The King… His throne,

And The Wise Man… His Home.


The night gave way to light,

The winter thawed away,

The summer shone so bright,

And continues to shine today.


That wintery summer night,

The angels spread their wings,

And at the dawn of first light,

Every nation sings.


That wintery summer night,

Was the night my sin?

The winter my heart?

The summer the child?


That wintery summer night,

T’was quite an amazing thing,

For of this special night,

Our hearts forever sing.


That wintery summer night,

The summer opened a door,

And just as Jesus opens doors,

Will you let him walk through yours?


The End

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