That which is hard to say

That which is too hard to say, but so easy to feel






This feeling- so strong, unrelenting, and causing so much anguish,


                                                Hatred,                                                                        hurt,

Strife,                                                  longing,                                                           doubt,

            Confusion,                                          fear,



                        Eluminatingly ot fills my soul…

Its like an anxiety attack without the outer symptoms-

            Racing heart,

                                    Cant catch my breath,

                                                                                    Unbearable heatach –

It grows,

            It’s the errie feeling in my stomache, heart, soul, and mind.

                        Cant shake it off, nor shut it out.

Its there, always, unceacingly- - a cloud over my head.

Im bound, ressless, cant think straight…

Tousing and turning- theres no release.

Im screaming on the inside- but quiet on the out.

Standing in the crowd, going  through the motions-

            Strenght fading,

                        Tears streaming.

I just want…

                        A peaceful freedom- - -

From this darkness that is cadging me…

The chanins binding me- the thoughts cutting and the feeeling that is killing

---my soul, deluting my mind- - -

Destroying my life…..

The End

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