My Angel

The five short years I've known you
Have been the best time of all my life
And I remember the day I do
When your beauty struck me like a knife

It was a hot summer day on the football field
Our group met and exchanged names
But my eyes were fixed on you, my heart unsealed
I crushed on you over all other dames

The first thing I saw, was your breathtaking smile
Then I noticed the beauty that your soft eyes held
Your long hair blew and teased my soul for a while
To your very soul my life felt compelled

Your gorgeous figure gave me butterflies
And your heart was all that I wanted
But I was too scared and thought it to be lies
A relationship? That question truly haunted

I learned that everything about you was awesome
And I think I loved you right from the start
And I'm glad that to me you decided to come
For there is no better place to entrust your heart

The End

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