Military Coat (Lyrics)

Military Coat

Sitting in the hall
Listening to various talks
On the rules and regulations
Just started a brand new job
But the people around me bored me

So I let my eyes wander
To another table far away
All the mature people
With their odd sense of humours
You were sat among them

Wearing a dark blue military coat of all things
I'd never seen one in my life
Next day nervously introducing myself
Glad I knew one of your friends
From the interview day

You're soft, unsure voice as we waited for the bus
Our first real conversation
You were so interesting to me
You're out of control hair
How I wanted to run my hands through it

Then later that evening
Talking online
I learned so much more
In a matter of days
You were like a best friend

And you didn't go
When I told you everything
All the darker parts of my past
It took us a while
Both sides so uncertain

But we got there in the end
A year and a half later
We're still going
I'm so glad I looked over
And spotted that ridiculous coat of yours

The End

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