Lesbian Swag

You know when there's that little something you find attractive in people and it's one of the first things you notice? Well write a little poem about that/those thing(s) to let us know.

I guess it's simple,

That attitude you give off,

Something in the way you stand,

Sit, lean, smile...

I call it swag,

That gets a weird look,

Can I call it lesbian swag?

That almost butch,

Kind of cool,

Easy going,

Smiling with the corners of your mouth

Kind of swag.

You know?

Then it's the eyes.


Blue like the sky on a hot summer's day.

Blue like the sea when it's clean and clear.

Blue like something I can't describe.

Shining and engaging.

I get lost in blue,

Blue, blue eyes.

Last of all,

But not the least,

There's something about a lazy smile,

A brilliant smile,

A smile that reaches forward and perks my own lips.

A grin that says 'Be cheerful! Life is good!'

A smirk that says 'I know you like me a little bit'.

A laugh that aches your chest.

A beam that lights up the room.

A smile, to make me feel special.

So I guess my three weakness' make you easy to love.

You're all of these and more.

I dream of blue, blue eyes,

A carefree, happy smile,

And an ever attractive case of lesbian swag.

The End

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