That Soon Coming Day

He doesn't give a damn about you,

He never really did,

Can't you see?

With the way you are, the way you change,

Just believe it, deary.  Say it.

No one can ever love me.

There you go, admit it.

I'm not worth caring for.

I'm not worth anything, to anyone.

Now, now, that's the spirit.

Keep going, you've almost got it.

He made me feel, said he'd make me feel safe.

He lied, he lied, they always lie, don't they?

They do, they lie, they hurt, that's always something I can concur.

They don't know us, we don't even know us, and yet, it's better to be alone, no?

It's better to be alone, I know.  I know.

Why did you let him help you, then?

It was a mistake, a mistake I shouldn't make again.

No, no, don't make it again.  Don't let him close, push him away, fight, fight, to the end.

But you know. . . you know how close he is the end.

You aren't worth fighting for, he'll give up, get tired of how you fight him, push him away.

I can't wait, my god, I can't wait for that day.

I wonder what he'll do, I wonder what he'll say.

He'll wipe his hands of you. and just leave, walk away.

Forget about you, never think of you, never have a thought that crosses his mind that involves your name, or face.

That day, that day.  I can't wait for that day.

The End

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