that shy new girl

well, hello there beautiful/handsome C: Don't mind me; I'm just giving you some background. (:
This is basically me introducing myself. I grew up moving schools alot so I've kinda kept to myself and I have always embraced that new shy girl stereotype label whatever fits with a positive attitude (sorta) but hey I still managed to have a group of awesomesauce friends so I wasn't your typical loner. Anycow , yes I said cow; I love cows C: Save the Cows! well hope you enjoy this poem C:

My name doesn't matter; it's always unknown.

And even if it did matter, would you care at all?

I'm just a nameless person walking through  halls, 

Just a number in a classroom filled with group tables and name labels.

I'm the new girl who hides behind black hair and funny books.

The shy girl who tries so hard not to be notice,

but somehow ends up the center of attention when the teacher calls out her name,

I became that girl.

The one who cried during a presentation when all eyes where on her,

The one who has scars on her thighs and still somehow generates enough courage inside her to smile.

And they don't know, they don't know that my name rhymes with bananas.

That I like Cinnamon tea and listen to Tupac and Biggie.

That I love warm hugs and stuffed teddy bears,

That I have a vision board of who I want to be, 

That I love Fashion and Make-up.

That I'm one trustworthy candid individual, but 

they will never know that, that shy new girl with the black hair and dark eyes wants to

just fit in.

The End

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