That ring you wear.

To my Fiancee Joslyn Beltram.

I put that ring on your finger,

So I could always hold hands with you... even when you're away.

No mater how far... Or how long it takes for you to come back.

I can hold your hand.

I put that ring on your finger,

So you know, without a doubt,

I'm here...

I'm privileged.

I'm grateful.

I'm lucky.

To put that ring on your finger,

Because it counts, it's means something...

It means I am okay sharing my heart.

It means you're not just any girl.

It means you're the girl.

It means you are my best friend.

It means I'll kneel to you with a symbol, a message, a link.

No matter the metal, the precious stones, or how it fits.

I would craft with my own hands...

That message.

That symbol.

That ring you wear.

With undivided strength, focus, and purpose.

I put that ring on your finger

To show you... that no one is perfect alone.

The End

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