That Person In That Photograph.Mature

He's a photograph, that person I used to know

His eyes were filled with promises, lie's and I could not let him go

If he ever felt weak feeling, he'd push it down till it did not show

He never gave us any chance to care, or our limbs to sew. 


In photographs of that person's face

The smile that he's showing seem's out of place 

He's not the person who'd lift me up high, and at me gaze 

Drowning me with easy sweet white lies, that I believed was praise.


He ate all of who I was and in turn devoured us

Tore holes through the agreements, then the trust that we discussed 

Then when he was hungry again, that person, he came for me

Left me bleeding with what we could be, With wounds in my chest for all to see.


Yet amid all the cries that sounded like insanity

While wrapped in my monster's arm's I felt that I was free

I did not mind being bruised and hurt, as long as he would be with me 

What I didn't see before us was what I would come to be.


The last time we touched I did endeavour to check

That his pulse was still beating as I held him to me by the neck

As I swear as that person kissed me hard, he never took a breath

And his clothes smelt like home but his lips tasted of my death. 


Then no longer was I that person's darling

As with my life away, he fled

He was not known to me, or to anyone

My monster locked away inside a stranger's head.


I'd bang at his fists and beg him to tell

Of where he left his want of me, When It was that I fell

Begged him to stay in the woods and he could, me keep

I promised I'd let him rip me into shred's and never even speak.


I begged for him, my still then beating heart not to swell

Begged that I wouldn't be controlled by anyone's tempting, enchanting spell

Said, If I can keep anything to myself now, let it be my heart

Lest his love steals it from me, while spinning into me his deceptive art.


Staring at burning photographs of who I used to be

I see no knowledge of your intended kill, beneath a weeping tree

Even lesser do I see the knowledge that your next victim was me

If I shouted, I'd scream at that girl to surrender her bleeding heart and flee. 


Yet though she'd run from what made her whole and it's pains

The real victim, I was to torture, I'd leave wrapped up in chains

Because in the light of day the real monster was me

And the poison dripping from my lips, you would have come to see.


My touch it brought him a savage hurt 

Although I kicked at him for my release

The look in my eyes made my monster die

When he saw how his love would never be at peace. 


As he looked upon how my young tender heart had swelled

He placed both hands on my face, and all feeling expelled

Now often when I think of that night, lying still in my room

I beg someone to shake my head clean or else take me to my tomb.


That person gave me back a withered heart that he had pieced 

Then cut me open with his sharp teeth and told me all love had ceased

I threw the withered jigsaw at his back and said please! at least! 

Finish what you started and on my broken scarred body, Feast.


These days I drift and I've begun to rot 

To all who ask I say I've forgot

Of that person I knew, who would hold me tight 

But I can still feel him with me in the dark, late at night.


There are people desperate for my killing touch, waiting for me 

I bet he's watching somewhere while I lie to them pathetically

To watch these people in a small pain as over me? they bleed

Tells me it's time to grow claws, forget who I was and leave.


That person staring from the tattered photograph at me

Never once held me in his arm's willingly

He knew I was no good, It didn't take him long to see

How I'd grow thorns and learn to hate, He knew what I'd turn out to be.


I know he'll stare at a photograph of me, maybe not all his life 

But I know that he'll always see the wounds we hand carved by knife

I know that somewhere in that stranger, my monster is still hungry for me

And I will love and hate that terrifying person eternally. 


Now he's just someone I used to know, eye's still as stone

Sometimes I've seen glimpses of him, he is never alone

I think that person looks as though all his life he's been cold

I think that, that person I knew is broken down into his bones.


Whether people who warned me were right, I can't be sure

Because he'll lock up what he wanted to say, I'm sure for evermore

Sitting high and smiling falsely upon his home-made throne

I pray to someone I've never felt around me, that he won't always be alone.


Those two people smiling in those photographs I know have grown

Into people who will hold themselves together and will never show

What happened or just how hard it was to let it go

Whether that creature ever needed me, Is all a shadow though.

When that person in these photographs is one, that I will never know.  

The End

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