That man in front of me

Why did she have to come now?
I asked the man in front of me
Now that I have given up on love
Now that I’m finally free
Now that I’m where I wish to be
Now that it’s been so long
But here she is, taking over my heart
Making me fall in love as time goes by
Not saying it’s not what I want
Just that I have such a healthy heart
Only to be broken a second time
But I’ll give it a second chance
After all, love is a wonderful thing
It’s an experience we can live happily with
Even if there a chance it’ll end badly
I tell myself; that man in front of me
That love is just worth the risk
I look at myself in the mirror
A good friend and a good listener
That falling in love is a step in our life
 That we simply can’t skip

The End

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