That Man

People ask who that man is.

The man who is eternally happy with nothing,

The man who is lost in the whirlwind, but really

     is the one at the center of it,

     and can traverse it at will.

The man who planted a garden

     and is envied when he grew the perfect crop,

     and others found scattered weeds within theirs.

The man who thinks nothing of the crowd

     and walks through it with ease

     as others are bumping each other

     on their paths to serenity.

The man who preaches the path to serenity

     as the people sit and listen

     to the rules of a happy afterlife.

The man who stands against the people

     who live scared of authority

     and do acts of kindness for that reason only.

The man who lives as an advocate to himself

     and sees reality as a better teacher than blackmail,

     and would rather teach kindness than law.

The man who doesn’t believe in perfection

     nor that such a state can be achieved,

     yet we strive for it anyways.

The man who believes that the sky’s the limit,

     and that determination is key to success,

     along with persistence

     and good attitude.

He is the man who believes in one for all and the unity of the human being.

The End

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