That Look

             That look in her eye's that was in a happier place than here. That look that made every inch of her beautiful. She didn't need jewels or fancy clothing, just love. Every time  she was talked to she would luagh, and that look would enter through the stomach, making one quizzy and in deep love.

          Now I look at her and kiss her forhead. The ocean's salt made her face chalky and sea weed wove in and out of her hair. Her face and hands were cold, the clothing that was left on her back wese no use.

          That look that had seemed  happy, the look that was so beautiful was filled with blackness. The black was cold and frightening. I couldn't stand it. One last kiss was all she needed and she would be happy.

         I kissed her purple lips softly, as if they were made of china. My eye's were closed remembering that look. The last smile, the last kiss she had given me. Now she was gone.

             Carefully I buried her in a nearby cave. I plucked sea-side flowers and made a crown upon her head. With all my strength I moved a stone infront of the cave and looked at the ocean, which a long time ago had been peaceful to me...

          I crouched down into the sea. That last look, was full of fright but her smile was still very bright. That last look..........that last look.........was heart breaking........I needed to see it again...

The End

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