That little voice in your head.

A series of poems about the struggle between good and evil.

Slowly you forgot your name,

Those that fought were left for dead.

And you can only place the blame,

On that little voice inside your head.


No compassion, just neglect,

Your servants have a story to tell.

The story of your defect,

And how your people followed as well.


As you began your mad crusade,

As evil plagued the land.

A bright light shone, a saviour made,

from the One Lord's hand.


And every step that evil takes,

Shall only be in vain.

As good prevails for goodness' sake,

And stops your tyrannic reign.


And who do you have to blame?

But the little voice inside your head.


Saints and Sinners clashed in war,

The battle of the Gods begun.

The mouth of fate locks it's jaw,

And we all pray his will be done.


You sing the Devil's song,

of treachery and hatred

But you shall be purged of all your wrongs,

And all that is unsacred.


As death claims the lives of the pure,

They shall be avenged.

For all the horrors those good men saw,

Your march is at it's end.


Scarred for life is scarred til death,

And evil does not care.

The only good in life has left,

So weep and say a prayer.


And who do you have to blame?

But the little voice inside your head.

The voice that drove you insane,

And watch as it leaves you for dead


The little voice inside your head.


The End

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