That little voice

That little voice inside your head.

That voice that everybody has.

Its there, always there.

It never goes away, night or day.

But it always has something to think or say.

It whispers dark things into your head.

Do it.


Do it.


Do it.


Do it.

Like little pricks embedded into your mind.

It wants you gone.

It knows the truth.

It keeps you paranoid, on edge.

It'll do everything in its power to rid of you.

It sounds like you, it is you.

It wants you dead.

It digs into your deepest, darkest secrets and uses them against you.

Hang youself.

Take the pills.

Slit your throat.

Jump off a bridge.

It strikes when things are really bad.

It strikes when your feeling alone and sad.

Sometimes you think its gone, but its not.

Its there waiting, patiently bidding its time to strike again.

It'll never go away.

Please make it go away.



The End

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