That Little Boy ScreamingMature

Inspired by both Nazi Germany and current-day Karachi.

You can hear him, can't you?
- hear that little boy screaming
like a siren
in the midst of gunfire.
You can hear him, can't you?
 - wailing for his life
while it is torn from his grasp.
Can't you hear him?
 - his cries of agony -
 - his shrieks of pain -
- his desperate calls for his mother - 
How can you not help him?
How can you not hear him?
 - his screams reverberating
in your ears
while he lies in a ditch
wrapped up in pain and blood
and pleas for it to stop.
And now you want to help him - 
you really do - 
- but you can't.
So you run.
Run far away,
so you can't hear his screams - 
 - or - 
 - or maybe so he can't hear yours - 
as you weep.
Weep for second chance
because all that you hear
are his screams in a ditch.

The End

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