That Feeling

There’s clouds in the sky

But they’re not for me


There’s no apple in my eye,

But I’m not hungry


I’ve been so exhausted from being so focused

So this weary, dreamless hopeful daze has

Me seeing the world with a starry-eyed gaze and

I am so very happy


I said hello to a boy on the bus

Who was alone

Who looked like home

While we were talking my heart was abuzz

With butterflies and hummingbirds

And the first whisperings of love


And no matter where I go

The sun is shining

No matter where I go

I am smiling

And you are there

And I am there

And I am so very happy


And this is happiness in the simple things

Lost for the moment in the dreams

And we are memories floating on meteors

Wistful souls listening to the beat of our


The End

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