That Familiar Sound

Sitting waiting,

For you,

For any sign of you,

Anxiouly I tap my fingers.

Phone in my hand,

Your name fits perfectly on the screen,

Mocking me,

Taunting me,

But I won't...

I can't...

I refuse to be the one to break this silence.



Missing the sound of your voice,

For reasons unknown,

I reach,

Then pull back my hand.

Sitting impatiently,

I view your name once more,

I groan,

I throw you away,

You smash against the wall.

I stumble,

Re-arranging you so that your name is seen once more,

I steady myself,

Relieved that I did not break you,

I place you back down,



Realisation hits me,

What was I thinking?

You'd never break this silence,

I love you,

The feeling isn't mutual.

I stand,

I walk away,

You're no longer in my vision.

Then I hear the sound I have waited for...

"Hello," I gasp,

Heart fluttering,

Palms clammy;

You speak.

I sigh,

I cry,

I remember now--

You changed,

You're different,

I hate you.

I've fallen in love with the man that I hate;

This isn't how it's supposed to end.

The End

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