Damn Damnation

Lazy Sunday mornings
Where the bumblebees whine
Among daisy frocked lawns
Under a generous sun

Are discarded with much protest
For rigid benches and dusty hymns
To endure over-enthusiastic alleluias
And zealous, blind faith

I am blasted into charcoal
From strange Jesus dreams
To gape in a paralysis of horror
As the bible goes thump, thump, thump

Hellfire, gnashes the Reverend!
Brimstone, in a reek of sulfur!
DAMNATION  a pullulation of puerile fears!
O Hallelujah, choruses the congregated

When I emerge into the balmy day
The sweat that beads upon my brow
Is not my body protesting its raiments,
But the fear of God in my heart.

The End

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