That Damn Protagonize

I just walked over to the internet,
I mean, the pc (but since when have I used it for anything else...)
To check my email, and maybe my bank balance...

WHY are there a dozen,
Now fourteen, now sixteen, now...
WHY are there so many notifications from that stupid site?

I don't even care what half of you write about;
Most of you write about as well as I did in high (or middle) school,
And the rest of you write so beautifully, it makes me puke.

And what is this??
Five replies on five different profiles (not mine!)
That got sent to my inbox because they appear after MY comment.
(It's not a feature, it's a frakking bug. 
Sort it out.
That's all I'm sayin'.)

Those of you who can actually write:
What are you doing here?  Really?
Get out into to the world, and make some money off your talent.

And the rest of you--like me--what are you doing here?
Wasting time on the ridiculous notion,
That *anyone* wants to read the drivel you spout.

No one cares.
No one likes your scribbling, at all.
We only log in to hate-rate you.

I'm logging out now;
I'm going to work on my half (okay, one-quarter) completed manuscript;
I'm never going to be published, and this site just rubs my face in it.

Damn you, you stupid frakking creation,
By a power-hungry control freak,
Who happens to have some mad computer skillz.

The End

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