Damn Vices

That shiny red tin cylinder 
with beads of ice-cold water dripping
deliciously down its rim...
much more so on the TV screen than the one in my fridge. 
But still I flood my system with cola,
coat it with sticky fructose and bubbles.
I know they're not so tasty on the way back up
but isn't that just life.

But this has turned into a nasty habit
so I switch to Diet Coke and it's horrible and I switch back.
So I'm smoking now, and I drink when I smoke,
and I only mix my drinks with Coke
so that's like half-quitting.

Then slowly I mature and see that
beer is Coke for grown-ups, 
and much better, and less sugar, and goes great with cigarettes.
It just needs a little caffeine I think,
just a kick, to keep me awake and jittery,
and Adderall does the trick.

Finally I can point and laugh
at you idiot consumers 
buying 24-packs of fructose and bubbles with no regrets.

The End

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