That Damn Brain

Bitter thoughts toward things that we normally love

No thoughts.



Zip. Closed. My mouth.

My brain.

Needs drugs but only has coffee.

Wishes and wants and whines a lot.

But never answers.

Tries the TV, the music, the games, the food, the coffee.

Distractions don’t distract me from the main distraction.


Leave me alone and let me settle for less.

Wake up every hour and wonder if it’s passed.

Take the coffee, body. But it never works.

Make some more and stare at it dryly.

Trying to laugh at something.

But it never works.

My brain's no fool, it won't be fooled.

It knows there's nothing funny.

“I’m not the one you’re looking for.”

Says the coffee.

Yeah I know. Shut up.

The End

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