Thank You, Protagonize

Before I found Protagonize, I was a misunderstood writer, far from family and the few friends I'd managed to find that could keep up with my crazed mind.

Stranded on a two-by-four island, I thought I was doomed to a dark paradise devoid of writers. But before I threw in the towel, I found a light that was this site, and now I fiercely fight for my right to write once more.

Here I met people who not only accepted me, an absentminded adventure addict, but bonded with me because we were of similar minds, the kind I thought I'd never find. They understood the madness that comes over me, and the obsessions that I will never overcome, because they too, were crazy about their craft.

From a cold corner of Canada, this place reached out to the Caribbean coast of Cayman and rescued me. And so, to the moderators and the maniacs that make up this network of absurd word nerds (and no one can deny this is true), this poem is a written confession of my heartfelt expression for being there when I needed you.

For showing me how crazy and cool collabs can be; thank you, Protagonize.

For listening to my rants about the mere mortals who misunderstand me; thank you, Protagonize.

For providing me a place to put my pen-name down and make a name for myself with my pen; thank you, Protagonize.

For dutifully following me down every rabbit trail I hop on; thank you, Protagonize.

For encouraging me that I can come up with creative, complex compositions with complete confidence in my capability; thank you, Protagonize.

For being the sound board that reflects the torrent of ideas that pours from one of my brainstorms; thank you, Protagonize.

For following my fantasy fetishes as only a fellow freak can; thank you, Protagonize.

For giving me a chance to read when I'm dirt poor, and the libraries' collections are even poorer; thank you, Protagonize.

For embracing everything that I am without reservations; thank you, Protagonize.

For letting me escape my harsh reality into a world of words, for becoming the second home I never thought I'd find,  for adopting me into a family where my strange quirks fit right in, for giving me both big and little brothers and sisters that I can rely on, and be relied on by, for just being awesome...


Thank you, Protagonize.

The End

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