Thank you for killing my ambition

I don't care how badly this gets rated. I love it.

The writing was cliched, depressive junk,

That I thought made me talented,

Thank you for making me see,

That I possess no talent,

That I'm flogging the living daylights out of a dead, rotting, skeletal horse,

That I should've stuck to being a nobody,

Fate has decided that i'm set in that form,

Thank you for opening my eyes,

My naivety has been exterminated,

The fluffy pink land of mine,

Has deepened to layers of black-grey-bruise-colour,

Depression has been triggered,

But I like my dark and suicidal new persona,

There I go again with that dead-horse derge,

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to lock myself in my room,

And headbang until I knock myself out,

Burn the notebooks,

They're full of this same stuff,

When the joy I once pulled from writing Is killed,

Then I too must be killed.


The End

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