Thank You Father

A poem I wrote about my father (Heavenly, not biological).

Loving you is the greatest thing I've done with my life.

I smile just because I know someone is thinking about me, caring about me.

People spend their whole lives wishing they had love like yours,

but they don't know that they could have it if they came to you.

When i think about you I feel loved,

when i talk about you i feel confident.

I know you will love me no matter what I do, and it's beautiful.

Our relationship is like none other I have;

I am closer to you that anyone else

and you know me better than myself.

When I get lost, you find me.

When I'm confused, you teach me.

When I'm discouraged, you empower me.

When I've sinned, you forgive me.

When I'm alone, you comfort me.

When I can't see, you lead me.

When I can't walk, you carry me.

When I can't love you, you love me.

Thank you.

The End

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