Thank You

I will change the title later. (*And perhaps edit even more later. First written May 25, 2009)

We should always be grateful, but today
we celebrate what we should be thankful for:
our family members, friends and neighbors and
even those we don't know -who gave their lives, or
just chose to serve

One day is not enough
but if it makes people stop and think,
if it allows people to stop their busy-ness and
remember to honor those
who are dead and those who are alive...
It is a start.

But while one day may be sufficient to
remember those who have died -
it's not enough for those who are
alive. We must do more than remember,
we must fight for their rights,
as they fought so we can continue to have
ALL of ours.

Is more than mere lip service.
What will it really take for you to understand
that if we really learned anything
we would not even send veterans to fight;
we would not have veterans to thank,
thus you could finally continue living
on your borrowed ill gained rights.

Thinking about all of humanity
-an equality for all -
necessarily means warring with others
to show how equal they may be;
all the while feeling comfortable
with throwing away veterans' lives
whether it be in their death
or their miserable homeless living.

The End

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