We were at a standstill
You and I
You fighting for me
To return to that earthly hell
And I 
Almost fighting for you
To join me in my unreality
You said that I had to live
That I couldn't just go about like
This for much longer
That even my heaven
Had an end
I could barely stand the thought
But slowly
I realized
That all around me
My heaven 
Looked a little less like paradise
Than before
The glimmer
That had enticed me in
Had dimmed
Leaving behind the secret scars
On the barred doors 
Instead of golden streets
Blood stained the gravel pavement
There was no where else to go
My breath caught
I was trapped between
What I wanted
And what I needed
I realized
That if I allowed myself
To be tethered once again
That the pain would come 
The bitterness would seep into my heart
I wouldn't be able to escape
If I sacrificed my heaven
For that earthly hell
But it was now or never
The fire was overtaking my heaven
I spilt my soul
Into your caring hands
My tears landed
For once you saw me
You said once again
You loved me

And I tethered myself to you.

The End

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