regardless if you are a sky diver,

or a person too scared to stand on a chair.

Regardless if you are a pilot navigating through the fog,

or in a submarine beneath the sea.

Regardless if you are a mountain climber,

or a man mining for gold,

no one likes the idea of things falling by accident,

because you know that when gravity takes its effect,

they are going to break.

It was a lightbulb, gold choker wrapped round its neck,

from which ballooned the glossy head.

Burnt out and scratched,

White paint coating peeled and cracked,

Sitting on the top shelf of her locker, 

Waiting for a crash.

It was in a class with a bit of frustration

generated by a boy she liked,

as he mockingly whispered what an ugly sight

her face was in these dreary days

that the girl’s temper got away.

A spark of electricity staged a kick and an unplanned stumble,

the boy backed into the wall,

causing a framed poster to tumble and fall

shattering glitter all over the floor.

A floor below,

the lightbulb rolled forward

to the front of her locker door,

its scratched glass head resting on the cool metal.

The girl came rushing downstairs,

stuttering and stumbling in shock,

desperate to get to the next class,

There, she would be able to sit back and relax,

to pick the broken glass out of her soul.

She ripped open her locker a little too fast ––

and upon the floor the lightbulb smashed.

In a moment she was late, needing to clean up a mess

arms full of books, as her peers looked on

swearing in disbelief.

One went as far to comment,

“Why would you have a lightbulb in your locker?”

as the girl flushed and blushed tried to stutter a reply

the kid added,

“It sure made a cool sound though, when it died."

The girl didn’t sweep up the wreckage.

With her palms she piled the bigger pieces back into her locker

and closed the door with a sigh.

Debating for a moment if she wanted to cry,

onward to class she walked, very late,

sinking into a chair she mulled over the day.

The insults, the crashes, the broken glass,

things that could have been prevented if she could alter the past.

Because no one likes the idea of things falling by accident,

whether it is a physical plumet or an emotional collapse,

because you know that when gravity takes its effect,

when they hit ground they are going to break.

The End

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