Tepid Waters

A poem in praise of intensity

Tepid Waters


You’ve disappointed me again

I grew up learning that is the worst kind of emotion you can inspire in another.

My sadness should emasculate you

But you brush it off

Before you ask me to calm down again

Ask yourself what was the antecedent



You wade through tepid waters

The cliffs echo but you never say a word

Not even to yourself

And so this landscape feels vacant

You leave me looking into the horizon

Craving the greater unknown

Greater solely because it holds promise.


You leave me feeling so alone

Sometimes I wonder, who I can call up

I line my sheets beside me

Give them an unseen face

Never yours

I’ve never been comforted by you

I’ve never even attempted such a feat

And it is a difficult thing for me

I think that’s saying enough

But you don’t see.




We are stories

Or at least we should be

If life is simple, someone’s hiding something

Even more truer in the face of love

I’ll tell you what you’re hiding

You feel something akin to indifference when it comes to me

I feel like all you have ever done is merely tolerate me

I breathe through it all

Finding strength knowing I can just end this all

And own my own destiny

It sure as hell ain’t ideal

Tell me what you would have me do?




I’m burning in tepid waters

I’m burning in tepid waters

Tepid waters

The End

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