Tender Rage

I am too weak to let this go and yes, you know that
is there any conclusion when right is wrong?
I’ll keep to myself on the frost-bitten nights
tears falling slowly but I can’t feel then as I am too numb
I needed the pain to remember I was alive
but I feel nothing, my heart has dried up

Love and kisses have burnt my skin
you said you wanted to be happy with someone
Why couldn’t it be me? But then again
it doesn’t matter because I see you as you really are
the deepest chasm in my heart
the deepest scar I have ever been given

I can feel the tender rage burning in my chest
you told him your stories and even he resents me
But I cannot take the agony anymore
now that I feel nothing but the dead chill
I curl up and I try to scream
but it is imprisoned inside me
every remark
every scorn
every piece of me that you abused

I feel so fragile I cannot breathe

The End

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