Ten Years

It has been ten years since you left me

And I'm starting to forget.

I can't quite picture your face anymore

Not with the detail I once did.

The things that used to remind me of you

Have got new memories attached now

And the things that I kept of yours

Have been pushed to the back of the shelves and drawers.

Some days I don't think of you at all

And it kills me to admit that but its true.

I wonder what you would think of me  now?

Would you be proud?

Would you be ashamed?

Would you love me now?

I'm learning things about you that I never knew before

And that scares me because it reminds me that I never really knew you at all.

I never really got the chance.

I didn't use the chance I had.

When you left I was a little girl with no regrets or mistakes.

How things have changed!

Now I'm still a little girl, but I can inflict pain 

And now I know exactly what pain is.

It has been ten years since I lost you, ten years since I was whole.

I have changed and grown so much since then

But I  still miss you with every fibre of my being

And my biggest regret is that I never got to tell you that I loved you.

I'm sorry mum.

The End

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