Ten Years

T e n   Y e a r s   O l d 

You are 4 feet of fullgrown child
with adult words and
adult implications and
adult motivations
and I'm - much - too - old - for - kisses,
But not too old for tears
or tantrums
or even the occasional nightlight.

You are still so raw and slippery
a fish on the hook
torn from the cozy comforts of fourth grade
and into fifth
then sixth
and adulthood nipping at your heels
on the back of time.

You are jumping in headfirst;
childish confidence as your anchor,
ambition at the stern
but it will still come as a surprise when you think back
to 4 feet
and I'm - much - too - old - for - kisses
and wonder where it went,
and how you managed to miss it.


<fin fin fin fin fin fin fin fin fin fin fin>


The End

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