Temptation's ToyMature

Tempted, I was. Fall, I did. Learn, I did.

My mind is a stage

And so I perform,

Before the curtain,

As is the norm.


Temptation tiptoes

Behind my curtain,

Hiding on the edge of sight,

Hiding on the edge of right.


Blind am I to the worm

Behind the curtain.

Blind am I to his silent storm,

Too certain I’m safe to look.

And so temptation takes his time.


He whispers, twisting his silver tongue

And lies spill forth

From lungs of slime,

Then in an ear of mine.


I slip, but give not a glance,

Nor adjust my stance,

For blind am I to the danger

In this demon’s dance.


Temptation keeps behind the curtain,

Hiding while he waits

For his luscious lies to marinate

Inside the stage that is my mind.


I trip, but blind am I.

I see no sin at all.

For he has me in an iron grip

And won’t let go till he sees me fall.


Again and Again I stumble.

Again and Again he whispers.

My morals begin to crumble

Yet the demon’s dance goes on.


Crack. A sudden break.

Yet not a surprise.

My mind is a broken stage,

And temptation has his prize.

The End

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