Temporary Forevers

You tell stories in glances, grazes, gasps
Whispers of temporary forever’s.
How can I trust myself to land softly when I fall?
Your beauty seeps into your bones, spills through your every pour
Your soul is scrawled across shared pages
Verses filled with an epoch of dreams and lost love
These sonnets are not sutures for my scars

We carry our prisons with us
Walls built of insecurities and doubt
Past pains that plague our perception of how we see the world.
An overwhelming inability to
We hide behind the walls experience built and we
Draw our weapons to those seeking peace
Praying for passage to release
You of imprisonment and we, in our fallen state
But I would rather fight with you in this dusty old book store than
Spend another minute in the cold, waiting for you to come home
To me. To us. To a lifetime lived in moments.

The End

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