tell me the world doesn't quake at our feet at the sight of the dawn

  and i said 
              no, but i'm doing some worldshaking tonight 
              gonna rip apart a couple walls

  so he handed me the flowers he held, 
  tiny bursts of sunshine weeds, 
  and said,   
                then you're gonna need these a lot more than i am 

    and i didn't deny it 
        with little hands 
            that reached out as though i could 
      hold the word 
                              if just for a moment

   because the night is mine 
and it is the only
                              thing at all 
                       that i own

  and thus comes the blood 
  and the sweat 
        and all the things we cry into our skins
      when the 

  but it's much too late
                             for the world 
     to be much of anything 
                                            at all.

The End

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