Tell me a story

Tell me the story

With all the trimmings

Oh so Awfully Gory


Slime covered dime

Left behind by the Mr Snail

Finger nail finger nail

Please spare me a little more time


My ears blocked

Sand filled eyes

Itching scratching feeding

The numbing lies


Don’t tell me this too shall pass

Give me a hug

Pass on the smug

And fill up my glass


With honey fusion lemon water

A fantastic story starter

Do I really have to wait any longer

The urges for darkness are becoming stronger


Oh wait!

Where was I ?


Don’t cover your ears

And wipe your  tears

Pick up your weight

And keep your back straight


It’s only a story

You know

A lesson or two

The wise can show


Forever and always

The mind will flow

From dandelions and sun rays

To beheaded rows


Plead with me for love

Peace and harmony

What do you say my dove?


Sweep the dirt under the rug

Leave the weapons

Quit being a thug


Love you I will

With life and a golden grill 

The End

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