Tell Me

So...I had fun killing a bad poem with too much rhyming :)

I feel cold and dead
No more feeling in my head
Just this empty thread
Neverending dread

Look around me
Nothing to see here
In this mind of mine
There's no more time

Let me run away
To a safe place
Gone without a trace
Lost in a mindless pace

I'm not home
I'm far away
In another place
Hidden away in my brain

Don't want to face
The truth of this case
This bitter aftertaste
This pointless waste

And I know I should be living
But it's harder than forgiving
Let me disappear please
Cause trying to live is just a tease

It makes you think
There's a reason to drink
To keep breathing
When your soul's heaving

So someone please

Tell me what it is?

The End

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