tell it as it is

the facts

you want facts

do you live in my life

do you love me

then take your ugly shoes and leave

we are innocent i believe

fighting for money

fighting for war

what does it give us when we walk out the door

i am blessed bye the divine

the sun will forever shine

and your filthy ass will disolve

and God will protect

into this i may add

you are all so sad

Judgment is for Gods hands

and you i might add are just a man

so this is the fact

and you are under attack

because what comes around

comes back to teach you

im sorry if life did mislead you

we are all human

but some like to hurt

see at the end what it is worth

nothing but nothing but dirty shoes covered in dirt

so next time you come around

i will make shure that you will obey

i am a good human

and it will stay

protect the children

protect the elder

protect the sick

we are this duty

make shure it is herd

keeping it real

and God will be seen

The End

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