Constantly Dripping

This one is kind of dark, so nonexistent audience beware!


When I was a youth I applied for a job, you see,

I met a man who teased and poked and infuriated me.

So when  I finally got the job I went, handrail gripping,

Opened up the unused tap and set it constantly, constantly dripping.

On tenth day or so, he found himself slipping,

And sent a plumber up the steps to stop the incessant dripping.

But in the night I went back up, cappiccino sipping,

And set my tiny water clock constantly, constantly dripping.

After many years had past, the man was retiring at last,

And upon the stairwell the drip he tried go past,

But as the man walked he found himself falling and tripping

Through the rotten, wooden steps, blood constantly dripping.

The End

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