It's Never Too Late To Learn

I am an old man and had a yearning

To go school and do a bit of learning.

Though at times I at times I felt rather foolish,

While I learned to write, my grandson taught English.

But I never went to school at a young age,

I did not know things you would learn in sixth grade.

My family was supportive and kind,

My daughter packed my lunch and I went in the fall time.

Children would run up to me and ask,

"Aren't you a teacher 'cause you can't be in our class!"

I would, "I never got the chance to learn,

I am old now and have have time to burn."

I did well in my class and did my best,

My teacher said that she was impressed.

Recently I  graduated from high school,

Getting to finally learn truly was "cool".

The End

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