I got the title from the song Televators by The Mars Volta, the whole poem is mine, the title belongs to them.

Painting the walls with shadows, Let me find you while I lose you.

Sometimes I find sanctuary in dark alleys, just a night walker

I can almost see the future. Spinning spirals of depression and darkness, into my own twisted reality of what I believed to be true, which became true. 

That parallel world in your mind is where you used to live, and you must remember your lives before Death arrives and gives you the ultimate feeling of nostalgia and regret, you can change things, you could have changed it but you didn't. 
Ill see you in the twisted story somewhere down the road.

As I touch my walls I close my eyes, I leave an imprint of who I was, and the essence of who I'll always be, right there on that wall.

I seen inside my mind yesterday. & I stopped my heart last night.

Do you see it?

I'm right beside you and so far away.

She asked me what my name was. Flickering in and out like an old motion picture.

I told her to look to the skies and know it's alive 

To look in her eyes and know they're not mine.

Faith only gets you so far. You have to compensate for what the universe can't just hand to you.

I open and explore the soul of my rivals, with a pull of the trigger, and a blink of my eyes.

I found you yesterday and I'll see you never.

Are you watching closely?

The End

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