I've lived long with folks on my chest.

But to tell the truth, still ain't no wait upon my breast.

Confess and leave the rest to best with those who disrespect it or neglect the very climax of my wishes.

Is it because of the dirt and grime etched into my dishes, because of all the hard working grind that i had inclined with to begin with?

You show dirty bridges covered with gold and expect me to fold and become one of your gifted now thats just it isnt it.

You couldnt damage my intensifying dynasty so you just attempt to slander it? Or just attempt to tamper with the banter its enchanted with?

Change my words will you? But see one verb you couldnt handle it because it hammers at your very mannersisms and propaganda's it.

I have the knowledge to rearrange potassium to a maximum potential.

And conquer the strong standards of any individual.

Conquer their biblical, mental, and indivisible beliefs.

And make them believe in every new make belief.

So before you believe you can step to me, disrespect to me, and escape an innate fate whereas you might get beat, well...im just saying.

You should really go searching for a new set of teeth.

The End

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