"Teenage Life"

this is the first poem i ever got published in an anthology, it is also very autobiographical

"Teenage LIfe"

In this teenage life I grab my backpack not knowing what to expect when the front doors close behind me, all I know is that the world around me will soon turn into a swarm of jerks that use everything under the sun and in the shade to break my defences. And although the routine is carved in stone everyday is a new cycle of non-stop chaotic and unfortunate events that is known as High School where the main objective is to survive their petty attempts to make me snap. And try and hide the fact that my psyche is only devoted to the internal wars raging from an incomprehensible past. Although each day is filled with never ending events I can only ever find one positive time of the day...taking that long walk back to my fort, my safe haven, yet in a day that seems distant, almost a fantasy! And why is it that when I arrive at my escape do I always have fewer answers then when I left? And why is it that I have more questions then anyone will ever be able to count? Is life this much of a labyrinth for everyone...or is this just my teenage life?

March 25, 2009 

The End

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