Teenage Ignorance

this spoken word poem was written because i wanted to convey my fear of growing up and loosing who i am to who i will be

Young and 17, full of whiskey fueled dreams and spoon fed ambitions
laughing off the last few moments of innocent solace
and bathing in the light of a broken moon.

They say these days are our wonder years
our old paint under the new
free to be whatever we chose...
how naive we were...

We tried to take on the world
each day we fought for our beginning
little did we know our lives had already been and gone in a summer haze

Now i sit...
weighed down by a tidal wave of shattered hearts and broken dreams
waiting for something...anything to save me
but i am lost.

The child i once was...
now rests forever.  
With my broken mind, i lay myself down next to him

It seems in my haste to not grow up
i grew old.

The End

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