Teen Queens

I was feeling particularly punk when I wrote this, meaning I'd probably been listening to too much blink-182 and Green Day (if that's even possible). I should probably mention that another one of my favourite hobbies is sticking it to the man through poems and lyricism.


Generation of vanity

We're just one big calamity

They say we're going nowhere

We wanna be anywhere

Just not here.

Photos on a sunny day

Memories that come our way

They think that we don't care

'Cause we wanna be anywhere

Just not here.


Oh, we're the teen queens

Carefree generation

Zero motivation

Yeah, we're the teen queens

Minds of desolation

Destination: Nowhere.


On the verge of insanity

We're a new-age profanity

Our objection is seen as rare

Apparently the system's fair

Just not here.

Controlled creativity

They tell you who you're meant to be

They think we're going nowhere

We want to go everywhere

Just not here.



Yet another demonstration

Of our eradication

Complete annhilation

For their gratification

Give me some more motivation

To speak for this generation

Can't you feel our desperation?

We're the desolation generation.


The End

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