Teddy Bear

I started this as a happy thing, but I rewrote it cuz it didn't have the feeling I was looking for.

She used to hug me,

Took me everywhere she went

We played together, held hands;

I slept closely to her side every night.

She would talk to me,

Whisper her deepest secrets in my ear.

She trusted me and I loved her.


When she got older, we studied together

I was her math tutor

Staying up late by her side,

She would glance at me when she was stuck

And I would whisper her the answer.

We still slept together, but her childhood smile was starting to disappear.


When she grew out of all her clothes, I still loved her.

I waited on her bed to greet her when she came in

And she would smile at me before sitting at her desk to her studies.


But when she was no longer a middle-schooler,

She rarely even glanced at me

My position moved from the bed, to a shelf.

I have even collected dust on my arm.

But I still loved seeing her, the brown long hair, her growing features,

Everyday she would grow into a more beautiful person than I have ever seen before.


From my perch,

I watched her get her heart broken,

And I was there with her when she

Won best student in class.


But now years have gone by,

And I have been forgotten along with the rest of her childhood.

I am no longer blessed with her appearance,

But trapped in a cardboard cell she discarded me in.

How could she do this to me? Was I not a good listener?

Did I not comfort her when she was down?

I loved her more than anything

She gave me life, hope, purpose

And then locked me up, threw me away.

I thought I was going to be different

But I suppose my skin isn’t as soft as it once was

And my ears are torn,

my body has taken its toll and I’m not the bear I once was.

Is that why she doesn’t love me anymore?

Because that is all she left me to think about.

The End

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