Tears of BloodMature

This poem is about war - in particular WW1. I'm not a patriot, and I have strong views about war. One thing I do believe is that war is a terrible thing, far beyond the imaginations of people of today. I, however have done my best in trying to put together a poem that is both historically accurate anf rhyming - as I dislike poetry that doesn't rhyme. I hope you find yourself inspired by this, but don't be afraid to hate my suspicious rhymes, either!

Images are captured, and stored inside my brain,

Sights of men who're suffering, swathed in their own pain,

The high pitched squeals of horses, etched into my head,

One hundred thousand soldiers, shot and left for dead,

Soldiers who're caked in mud, bloody, tired and wet,

Destined to be killed by men they've never even met,

The cold and lifeless bodies have homes, and a name

A mother who loves them, they'll never see again,

Gas, which causes men to drown and choke in their own blood,

Who'd be so cruel and merciless? The answer? We would.

Men in lines in trenches, all they can do is wait,

A day, a month, a year; nobody knows the date,

I squeeze my eyes tightly shut, willing it all away,

But yet the war goes on, day by stinking day,

Rats crawl around our feet, gnawing on our friends,

But they don't feel a thing, 'cos they've all met their ends,

We wait in fear, our minds are constantly alert,

Horror warps the minds of men; some even go beserk,

When nightfall comes, you'd think the sights would all dissapear,

But no, men I've killed make me sleep in constant fear,

Hunger rattles stomachs of men and knees knock together,

Trench Foot lurks beneath the boots, made from sodden leather,

The clock ticks on and finally the war comes to an end,

I escaped; I'm lucky. Not sure about my friends...

But am I really lucky? Not to have met my end?

Amongst the piles of corpses, lie dead all of my friends,

Everything I've ever known, gone in a wink,

Shot dead before me, not even time to blink,


War isn't  just and glorius, it's cruel and it's insane,

Learn from our mistakes; and don't do it again!

The End

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