Tears of an Angel

The earth-bound angel

fell from hell.

A prospect of her own design.

Blonde and fair, with curling hair

Now, a skinny, slinky wretch.

She looked nothing more like a whore,

Than any whore before her. 

She'd cheated, lied. 

Curled up and died,

inside herself.

Lost for redemption. 

Sent to earth to correct her sins.

Looking for a way to win,

the purest form of dignity


Lost for thought, 

Lost for food,

Lost as any mortal 

ever is. 

She cried herself to sleep that night.

She cried for a drop of hope.

She cried her tears of blood that night, 

but her tears could not even stain the sheets


They stayed 


Her tears had fallen

like fresh snow. 

Now dried and gone, 

left without a trace. 

The angel looked for home that day

found nothing more than what she had


Her life moved past her

whistling by.

Like ghosts and torments to echo her mind.

What fresh hell!

She cried. 

My life is


I've seen much worse,

but I feel as though

This is the


The very end.

The end of life.

The end of time.

The end of everything,

that was once mine.

The end of light.

The end of night.

Take me back 

from where I came.

This game I'm playing

It's not a joke. 

Then heaven spoke.


the greatness cried

Your lies have turned you sour.

Relive not what you should

have done.

But learn from what comes.


The End

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