"Tears of a Story Untold"Mature

"Tears of a Story Untold"

In trenches we lay, upon Battlefields we cry, so we may see our
Flag fly.
Risen from the ashes of comrade charred faces, on gaurd we take our places...
Covering all our bases.
Marching on through the smoke upon which we choke...
Without a thread to evoke...
Our steps we try to cloak.

The playing of a Trumpit sound, sends another 
Broken Hero
Homeward bound.
Shaken in the silence of the
Calm, we recite a psalm...
before the eruption of a nearby bomb interrupts the writing of a letter to a mom.

Through blood and tears we wade, to watch another
To rest be laid...
His memory shall never fade. 
This once beautiful land we roam, more familiar now then
Captured only in photo and poem.
At the end of the night, we will unite...
But a 
we still have to fight. 

In trenches we lay, in Battlefields we cry...
and out the back of our eye we see 
Our Flag Fly.
Risen from ashes of
Fallen Comrade
charred faces, on gaurd we hath taken our places...
and covered all our bases. 
Marching on through the smoke upon which we choke...
Emotionless still,
Without a thread to evoke...
Our steps we failed to cloak. 

Marching on through the smoke upon which we choke


Our steps we failed to cloak
Our steps we failed to cloak!

July 9, 2012

The End

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